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So to kick off some discussion, our poll results are showing a high percentage Intuitive people joining, which is interesting because more broad distribution statistics haven broken it down such that Intuitives seem to usually make up about 25% of the population, opposed to the Sensing's 75%. Introverted and Perceiving types are also minorities, but by much less of a gap, so it's kind of fascinating to me that we're sitting at 85.7% Intuitives right now and no one being strongly Sensing.

I find in my personal life, I associate with a lot of Intuitives as well, despite the fact that we're supposedly outnumbered 3 to 1. I believe this is mostly self-selection tactics of being drawn to those similar to myself, but what about you all? Do you find yourself mostly surrounded with and dealing with Sensing individuals in your personal friend group?

On the Enneagram end, we're showing a large preference for 5 in primaries, and 4 in wings, though as there were no 3s, that was mostly just that the 5s were mostly 5w4. So otherwise, we had (in primaries) two 4s and two 9s, with the second highest wing being... 5 (well, technically "unsure" but of those who know, the secondmost seems to be 5). Which kind of leads me to believe there might be something in personality typing that draws in people with 5-leaning personalities-- what do you think? Why do you like personality typing?
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