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Community description:Personality typing of all shapes and sizes
This community aims to be a gathering place for personality typing enthusiasts of all cognitive typological systems. Even if you don't see something mentioned in the description/interests, if it involves sorting people by personality characteristics into particular groupings, it's welcome!

Things that are encouraged--
  • personal type descriptions
  • discussing merits or failings of systems
  • personality typing theory
  • typing for fun (characters, famous individuals dead or alive)
  • questions about types or systems
  • graphics or art relating to personality typing

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1w2, 1w9, 2w1, 2w3, 3w2, 3w4, 4w3, 4w5, 5w4, 5w6, 6w5, 6w7, 7w6, 7w8, 8w7, 8w9, 9w1, 9w8, archetypes, boxes, carl jung, characters, cognitive psychology, communication, decoder rings, definitions, descriptions, enfj, enfp, enneagram, enneagram of personality, entj, entp, esfj, esfp, estj, estp, extroversion, infj, information, infp, interaction, interpretations, intj, intp, introversion, isfj, isfp, istj, istp, keirsey, keirsey temperament sorter, mbti, people, perception, personalities, personality, personality typing, relationships, socionics, typing, typological systems, typology, wiringweb, writing
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